About Us.

Check out what makes us what we are. This isn’t just an about us page but a thank you page to all of our loyal customers. 

Our Story

Cutting hair from 2008

Find out how it all began, what makes the Barbery the most popular Barbers in Lurgan.

The owner and founder Kevin began his career in Barbering over 12 years ago. With years of experience Kevin had worked for a few Barbers before realising that the majority of success was down to his mass following.  

In 2016 the Barbery was born and has gone from strength to strength in the town gaining awards and numerous nominations. The customers not only come for the high standard of service but the friendly banter and family feeling the Barbery offers. 

A Few Words About Us

Giving back to the community that helps us

We like to give back to the clients that make the Barbery what it is. We have tried to ensure that sponsorships and give aways have been carried out as much as we can. We have sponsored Milk cup players, local football teams, and even sponsored the occasional boxer. Our give aways have ranged with everything from concert tickets to free hair cuts. Follow our instagram page for more. 

Giving Back

Family Values

We pride the Barbery on being a Barbers with family values. We have numerous customers that we cut 3 generations of the same family. We are trusted to work with children that may have particular needs and pensioners with special requirements. 

Our Core Values

First and foremost the quality of a cut is at the top of our agenda. We will get to know our clients needs and what service they require and ensure before we start we have a full understanding of what they want. This ensures a great client experience and a happy barber.

A pillar in the town

Check out this flash from the past

Then - 1981

Now - 2020